Amazorg Information Technology Private Limited

Amazorg Information Technology

Established in 2014, we are no smaller to any one in terms of commitment to delivering values to customers, however big the business needs may be. We believe there is no end to perfection, so is our quest for excellence that knows in no end. Driven by values and powered by a dynamic team of experts from diversify feelds of business, AMAZORG has already emerged as a brand to be reckoned with. Envisioned to achieve organisational greatness through business leaders, effective individuals, and focused execution, we at AMAZORG have forayed into multiple service areas in just three years of our inception. 

Our Mission & Vision

Over the years we have looked to expand our reach, offering high quality digital marketing services across a wide area.


Our vision is all our customer should be amazed with the quality and value addition we provide through all our deliverables. Our vision captures the essence of who we are. Everything we do streams from our vision. We just don’t happen to be a business that provide information – it’s what we’re all about.


Our mission is about meeting consumers’ needs and making their life easier beyond their expectation. ​Our mission tells the world – our employees, customers and the communities where we provide our service – what we care about.

Our People

Our talented staff is our most valuable asset with the skills and experience. We believe that attracting a talented and diverse workforce is one of the keys to our success. We strive to create for our employees an environment which offers professional and intellectual challenges, which encourages innovation and creativity, and which rewards success and effective teamwork.


Our people make our business. Therefore, we’ve created a work environment where people can be authentic and truly invested in their work. We encourage big thinking and give our people the support and flexibility they need to make their mark. At Amazorg, it is more than just a job. It’s about being part of a family dedicated to making a real impact on the world around us. We let our employees know the values and behaviours we expect them to demonstrate. We believe those values and behaviours combine to create a culture in which employees can thrive. A culture that allows our employees to focus on doing their best work leads to high quality and innovative products, exceptional customer service and operational excellence.


We take our responsibility for our employees very seriously, as we know how important each one of them is for our company. It is our employees who make the company so strong and vivacious. That is why we give our all for them – from their first step on the career ladder up to their retirement and beyond.


For Amazorg quality is beyond the stipulation and assurance. Not just meeting the goodness but also meeting the requisites above expectations. In our area of expertise, we are not competing with anyone as strengths are unique and our approach is robust. 

Our Integrated Management System establishes and supports our systematic approach to continual improvement, which is a natural extension of our commitment to excellence. Our quality management experts evaluate processes to improve efficiency, while also encouraging clients, staff, and other partners to offer suggestions on ways to improve business processes. To ensure that quality is more than a buzzword, we have implemented a comprehensive Quality Management system to translate our commitment to a finite and exacting discipline. Competing with our own quality procedures, as well as rigorous in-house quality policy, our close attention to detail checks and double-checks absolutely everything.

Career with us

Why you have to work?


If work becomes fun, it doesn’t stay work anymore. It becomes an enjoyable enterprise that multiplies energy.  Walk around our people and you will feel the energy. Minds are continuously in motion, researching, innovating and creating ideas that push us forward. We constantly strive to be and do better than the best.


We endeavour to create an ambiance where our people have the tools and the freedom to deliver on their commitments and take great pride in their work.  In the fertile philosophy of our company, they find a career that is personally rewarding and professionally enriching.   Competition remains central to our growth and we encourage our employees to constantly better past performances. Recognition is not far behind.


If you are a passionate explorer who possesses a healthy disregard for boundaries — whether geographical, physical or mental — the Amazorg  is THE place for you.