NobleEIM Educational Institution Management

Amazorg ITPL, with great pleasure announces the launch of our unique product Noble ERP for educational institutions.  Our wide understanding and knowledge of the information technology industry in enterprise resources planning, aided in developing the solution to respond to the needs of present educational institutions of complex operations. We have created innovative, functional, user-friendly applications, now available to small and medium-sized institutions as well.  The unique attributes of this ERP solution are:

  • Full-fledged ERP to manage all departments of the institution
  • User friendly features, training and support pan India
  • Module based pricing making it commercially viable option
  • Hight end decision support system
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Greater management transparency from micro to macro level
  • Increase stakeholder’s satisfaction

We believe Educational Institution Management can greatly benefit from this ERP Solution. We would be glad to demonstrate our product, free of charge, and explain how this ERP Solution can be of value addition to your esteemed organization.

Benefits for The Management

  • Noble can assist to achieve high level of management capability through the integration of all the departments on to one platform.
  • Highly proficient financial accounting system with all modules are compliance with the statutory rules and regulations of the state and country
  • All staff performance management through a robust human resources management system
  • Fully integrated student management system enables all levels of record keeping and update from various departments
  • Professionally designed and completely system managed communication capability within all levels
  • Real time updating to the institution web portal on relevant information will keep all well informed on area of concerns
  • Fully automated admission process management reduces the overhead and time on the tiresome new batch admission processes
  • Fully automated payment gateway for cashless fees collections and other cash transactions to the organization
  • Highly proficient and dynamic web portal for the institution is a part of the Noble ERP package
  • Online community to connect parents, students, teachers, staff, and alumni
  • More visibility of the institution through the internet application
  • Streamlined and automated process will produce tremendous opportunity for cost and time saving without compromising the quality of the deliverables or causing any inconvenience to the stake holders

Benefits for The Staff

  • For faculty members’ communication with their students and parents made easy
  • Providing the assignments, receiving the completed assignments and evaluation can be done online that also according to faculty members convenience by connection to the dynamic portal
  • Student discussion platform can be established and monitored
  • Real time student performance monitoring and reporting to the concern people
  • Library staff job simplified by a fully automated library management
  • Supply chain management made it simple by complete integration and centralized management and control
  • Streamlined asset management and facility management streamline routine maintenance. This will make the life easier for the administration staff and assets life span will improve tremendously
  • Fees and fines collections gathered from its origin department and plugged to the fees collection process line backbone and a final single point fees collection made possible with all the traceability on all the charges in an itemized bill system
  • Hostel room allotment, mess menu preparation and purchase forecast support the minimum wastage and maximum efficiency. Hostel and mess routine supplies and maintenance will be controlled and monitored through automated scheduling and alert systems
  • Transport facility allocation for students, fees collection, staff roster, fleet management including document control, routine maintenance and student safety management made simple

Benefits for The Parents

  • Parents can view the academic and non-academic records of their children online
  • All history records are available online 24×7
  • Well defined and streamlined communication link between teachers and institution management
  • Greater involvement with teachers and student’s activities in the institution
  • Student day to day selected activity alerts on mobile and email including the attendance and presence in the institution
  • Easy of payments, dues tracking and make the payments online
  • Institution portal with all latest updates of institutional activities

Benefits for The Students

  • Performance and activity track record of each student with date wise event tracking
  • Individual calendar integration with institutional calendar for all academic and class events
  • Communication between the subject faculty, get assignments and homework through online
  • Online submission of completed assignments
  • Discussion groups and blog facility through the web portal
  • Academic and non-academic achievements track records can access at any time through the dynamic web portal

Institution Management


The fundamental information about the institution can be updated to the system in this module. This will include the institution establishment, management details, board of directors, affiliations and certifications, courses conducted and so on.

The institution accreditation details and its validity tracking and timely notifications. Quality Assurance and Quality Control documentation tracking, updating and make it available across the organization to ensure the implementation, employee training and up-to-date record keeping of all QAQC related matters. This can be integrated to the ISO or IMS system of the institution.

A full-fledged Human Resources Management system. The main modules are payroll management, time and attendance management, HR planning and recruitment, employee performance tracking and recording, employee self service module on leave applications and other services. Leave and absence management, staff training management and so on.

Fully integrated with all the departments and financial transaction modules. Management of general accounting procedures. System manages all accounting procedures of the institution such as fees collection, cash flow management, general ledger, expense, payments, and purchasing. It efficiently manages all financial administrative processes. Manages the expense of organization into the form of documentation, it contains all information regarding the expenditure requirements, necessities, and funds etc. It helps in the management of budget controlling. It keeps the record of all financial statements that help in knowing about the current budget of the organization and helps in making decisions to control the budget efficiently. Financial management system has an ability to generate reports such as profit and loss statements, balance sheet, and other financial statements rapidly. It allows the user to customize reports according to their requirement.

All types of complaints related reporting and day-to-day tracking.  The basic concept of this system is the performance tracking on each department and reporting any non-conformance (NCR).  The NCR may be triggering from indiscipline activity of a student to a major accident in the campus or a deviation from the standard operation procedures.  The reporting and recording of such activities are essential to support the corrective action team (CAT) and their root cause analysis (RCA).  The findings of the CAT will define the immediate remedial action and preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of the same incidents or accidents in the future.  This module also will provide a cost analysis of NCR reported a given period.  Fundamentally it supports the continual improvement of the organization

A dynamic web portal with three main modules, one module will showcase the credentials of the institution to the common public, second module is integrated to the management and staff modules of ERP and the third module will handle the complete communication and interaction between institution to parents and students.

This process starts from the prospectus distribution and go all the way till the admission. Receive and upload the information of students applying for courses at the new academic year admission time. The received applications can be entered in to the system for the automatic rank list preparation. Then send invitations for interview on priority and fixed schedule management. Track all the process till admitting a new student into the institution.

Once the student is admitted with the institution further process starts from this module. Class or batch allocation, hostel or transport facility, extracurricular activity requirements and facility allocation. Student master records to all departments and functional groups.

This module will track the academic activities of the student from the day one till he or she leaves the institution. This includes but not limited to academic achievements (exam results and marksheets), extracurricular activity achievements (sorts, games, arts etc.) and records on any disciplinary actions. All this information will be available for the institutional staff, parents or students always. By default, the system will retain the data within the system for five more years they left from the institution. The management can decide to archive this information and unplug from the current system or not.

Attendance Management System records student attendance in schools, colleges or institutes. If facilitates to access the attendance information of a student in a class. The information is sorted by the operators, which will be provided by the teacher for a class. This Application is built for automating the processing of attendance. It also enhances the speed of the performing attendance task easily. It also generates periodic reports to keep a check on the students who are regular & who are not. This system is very useful to the office staff also because they can generate various types of reports and submit them to respective faculties also or also can be submitted to the College Coordinator. Office staff can also generate blacklist of students who have attendance less than required percentage. So, this kind of various reports can be generated. A real-time update will go to the parents by mean of email or SMS if the student is late or absent.

The fees management module is one of the complex areas in the ERP. This will track all types of payments and its due dates for all the students. This will include but not limited to tuition fees, library fees, exam fees, hostel and mess fees, transportation fees and so on.

This module is part of the dynamic website, which will take care of all types of communication within the organization. This will cover the email communication between all staff, students and parents. It also supports the group discussions to the extent of a virtual classroom. Also send student assignments and complete assignment submissions, common circulars within the user groups. This module capability starts from the flexibility for the management to release a circular to all concerned in one click to one-on-one communications.

Student Management


Academic Management


Create timetable, allot classes and resources like laboratory and chart out teacher’s schedule.  This module also supports the management in a very great extent on resources allocation and management.

Provision to build question bank, select questions and set the question papers, maintain the at most confidentiality of the database, schedule examinations, allot hall tickets with numbers, feed in validated answer papers by class, prepare rank list, prepare student performance analysis, prepare various assessment and notification to parents, update student records, update teachers performance records and various analysis reports.

Institution academic calendar, class academic calendar sync with Institution calendar, individual teacher and student calendar. Automatic notification mails and alerts to concerned people.

Allotment of student projects by each subject teacher, follow up of the complete project submission, provision to submit the finished work electronically, records of submission defaults, module access through the home computer or mobile device and validation result updates, track records to the student performance history file.

The fees management module is one of the complex areas in the ERP. This will track all types of payments and its due dates for all the students. This will include but not limited to tuition fees, library fees, exam fees, hostel and mess fees, transportation fees and so on.

Event scheduling, event committee creation, intimation to the participants, resources allotments, event project plan, project tracking and updates, event execution support by time and sequence management.

The academic and non-academic activities of the student from the day one of his/her admission till they leave the institution can be obtained as a journal in the system. All department entries will be reflected in this log on date and time stamp order. The normal holding pattern of this record will five years after the student leave the institution. These records management can archive and removed from the current system after five years as a default, but these periods can be extended or reduced according to the management decision.

The ERP ensure the appropriate maintenance and repair requirements are timely reported on campus infrastructure, building systems and fleet vehicles to maintain safe, optimal, and cost-effective operations. Aging assets, increased service expectations and asset utilisation, combined with a challenging economic outlook are some of the challenges facing managers of critical infrastructure. Now you can manage, visualize, and optimize the cost of occupancy. Facilities requests are automatically assigned to designated facilities specialists or teams using configurable rules. Integrated reporting provides insights into volume, types of requests, and individual workloads so that facilities teams can optimize resources, improve preventative maintenance cycles and align services with institution priorities.

Supply chain management systems, simply defined, are a network of businesses linked together to provide materials and services to an end user. The goal of these systems is to coordinate functions and strategies, throughout an institution to improve the performance of all parties involved. Because supply chain management systems link several different branches of an organization, each of these systems is different, and requires fine tuning to work.

Library Management System is developed focus on automating the vital activities of the Library. The system integrated with Bar-code for easy access and retrieval of any item from the Library. An online access to catalogue facility provided for speedy retrieval of any kind of document.

Transportation management software module includes many features like fleet management, driver log, bus maintenance report and transport wise student report. Manage vehicle allocation during the academic year with proper allotment of vehicles to students including the boarding points and destinations in each route. This can work as an independent module if the institution outsourcing the entire service from third party or it can be integrated with the core ERP for all financial and administrative management.

Hostel management system monitors and records a variety of information covering hostel attendance, disciplinary logs, as well as room charge status. Hostel software module includes many features like fee collection, room allotment, room management as categorization of rooms, daily attendance registers of hostel and hostel reports.

Mess management system is capable of student and faculty billing management which is integrated to the student fees management system and pay roll accounting system. Menu creations and mess inventory management and integrated to the central procurement module.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment management system supports the management to establish the awareness of HSSE among the staff community. All the related documents – standard operation procedures, forms and analysis statements can be generated through this module.

General Management